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Renovation of rotor main bearing housings

Our company focuses on the renovation of cracked main-bearing-housings.

The cracks may have developed from outside to inside as well as from inside to outside, therefore even housing without external cracks,

can still be in the cracking process.


The resulting cracks can be detrimental because as they increase in length and depth, reduce the cross-sectional areas of the material of the rotor main bearing housing.

It can be assumed that as the cross-sectional area decreases, the larger the cracks, the faster the cracks grow.


During our many years of experience inspecting the operative and technical capability of installed wind turbine plants, we have often found crack development in the main bearing housing of the rotor main shaft. We believe that a reconstruction is necessary in order to ensure the planned life cycle.

If external cracks are already visible through the original paint, a renovation is recommended.

Refurbishment relieves the burden on the housing and significantly slows down or stops further crack development.

The applied forces are introduced into the base frame exactly where they were planned in the construction by the manufacturer.


We will gladly advise you personally and present to you our patent-pending solution.


Our effective, simple and economically very efficient refurbishment method will certainly convince you and your team.


Main Shaft Arrangement

The rotor main bearing housing

Outside of the neuralgic points (arrows)

Rotor main bearing housing with bearing cover

Without bearing cover with indicationes of cracks

The full training of crack indicationes

Anchor 1

Tightening and force in FEM

Visualized "Von Mises tension"

Enlargement of the maximum ranges


Visualized TTSG-Retrofit-Solution which consists of a professional support of the main-bearing-housing.

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